Wednesday, June 15, 2011


                  By ARTHUR L. MACK

            Exposure (noun) 1: the act or an instance or exposing as a disclosure to view, or unmasking, 2: a condition or an instance of being exposed.

            On June 13, Mobile has an opportunity to check out high fashion—Southern style.

            Southern Exposure, a showcase of local talents of fashion, makeup, hair, and music, will be held at Café 615, one of Mobile’s premier restaurants. Café 615, along with the Fashion Forward Group, Master Tailors, Lunatix & Co., Inside Up, Master Tailors, and Riza Cosmetics and Skin Care, are sponsors of the event, which will benefit North Alabama tornado victims.

For those who love high fashion, the best in makeup and hairstyles, and music, it will be a grand opportunity to witness the best that local talents have to offer. It will also show that Mobile can be a place for high fashion—much like New York, Paris, or even Atlanta. At the same time, it will also be an opportunity to help those who were victimized by the April 27 storms.

“We want to make sure to do our part to help our northern neighbors,” said Wilton Terry of the Fashion Forward Group. “The way we could do it is do what we do best. Fashion Forward Group has teamed up with local businesses to bring about an evening of fashion.”             

Cocktails and hors d’oeuveres will be at 6 p.m., with the fashion show scheduled to start at 7. Tickets are $30 per person. For further information, call 432-8434.


Wilton Terry.JPGView full sizeWilton Terry is pictured in the fashion and design studio of The Fashion Forward Group in Mobile. Under his direction, The Fashion Forward Group is designing and producing a clothing line with a national recording artist and plans to open a boutique in downtown Mobile. (Press-Register/Bill Starling)
MOBILE, Alabama -- Wilton Terry has what he describes as “a big vision“ for downtown Mobile.
“I see a clothing manufacturer, a united retail industry that gets noticed nationally, perhaps internationally, because of the industry players we produce — from designers and models to photographers and makeup artists, the works.“
That’s the big picture, Terry explained. “We’re just on the ground floor. But big things are happening.”
Pursuing his dream by leaps and bounds, the Mobile native is the owner of Master Tailors LLC in Mobile, a local sewing and alterations business with clientele that includes Burlington Coat Factory, G. Harvel Mens Clothing and Eastbay Clothing. Last year he organized The Fashion Forward Group, a collaboration of Mobile industry leaders who produce fashion shows, train models and unite local retailers to increase awareness of the fashion industry on the Gulf Coast.
Terry is sure that his next venture is going to be an eye-opener.
“Nationally acclaimed rap artist and Mobile native Rich Boy has joined forces with the Fashion Forward Group and Master Tailors to create a new line of fashions.”
More information
For more information about The Fashion Forward Group, visit their website, email them or visit them at 651 Dauphin St. in the Jada Entertainment building.
For couture designs and alterations you can contact Wilton Terry at 251-422-7565.
The as-yet-unnamed clothing line will make its debut later this year according to Terry, who said he is extremely proud of the fact that he and the artist are renovating a site in downtown Mobile to host the first made to order clothing store in Mobile.
“My biggest goal is to invest in Mobilians. And we are going to produce jobs by marketing, producing and manufacturing the clothing right here in town,” Terry explained.
“Rich Boy is equally as excited as I am. He thinks it will be a great move for Mobile and he’s very hands-on with the clothing. People will be surprised. Just don’t expect a lot of urban looks, it’s going to be high-end fashion.”
'I think the city is ripe for a growing fashion industry'
According to Terry, he is often asked — why now, and why Mobile?
“I got my roots here. And I think this city is ripe for a growing fashion industry. We’ve got all the bones to support it. We’ve got a great shipping industry on the water, we couldn’t ask for a more beautiful backdrop, and we’ve got talented people here. We just need to tie it all together,” he said.
Terry, a graduate of American Intercontinental University(AIU) in Atlanta, ith a degree in fashion design, studied tailoring at Bishop State Community College before moving to Atlanta. In Atlanta, he began sewing for companies such as the Atlanta Opera, Walt Disney Films, Jive Records and So So Def records. After sewing for celebrity clients like Denzel Washington, TLC, Evander Holyfield and many professional athletes, Terry returned to Mobile in 2000 to become the chair for Bishop State Community College’s tailoring department.
He founded Master Tailors in 2001 after he saw the need for a premier local sewing service in town. He continued to expand by servicing area businesses such as Burlington Coat Factory, G Harvel Mens Clothing, Eastbay Clothing, as well as designing interiors for Lafeyette Plaza, Skyview Lounge, Jada Entertainment Recording Studio and countless personal clients.
Last year Terry began his Fashion Forward movement.
Designer Wilton Terry shares his "big vision" for downtown Mobile.
Enlarge A men's ensemble by designer Wilton Terry is modeled on Dauphin Street in downtown Mobile near the fashion and design studio of The Fashion Forward Group Thursday, May 26, 2011. Under his direction, The Fashion Forward Group is designing and producing a clothing line with a national recording artist and plans to open a boutique in downtown Mobile. (Press-Register, Bill Starling) Wilton Terry gallery (7 photos)
“It wasn’t easy to get others to see the vision at first. But I’m a man of faith and I think that everyone involved was God sent.”
Terry said that The Fashion Forward Group, housed in downtown Mobile on Dauphin Street, understands the need to showcase the Gulf Coast’s beauty and its talented people. Today, The Fashion Forward Group hosts an eight-week modeling program with professional stylists, makeup artists and photographers who teach aspiring models the ins and outs of the industry.
“When they are finished with the classes, they are equipped with a portfolio to shop themselves around. They have the knowledge of how to do business, from the interviews to the contracts. ”
The group also presents fashion shows, produces videos and commercials. Look for them to showcase fashion, models and music during future Artwalk events in downtown Mobile.
You can get an up-close and personal look at some of Terry’s fashion designs on June 13, when Master Tailors, Fashion Forward Group, Cafe 615 and other downtown retailers present “Southern Exposure” a fundraiser to benefit Alabama’s tornado victims.
Terry is wearing many hats these days, from couture designer and master tailor to businessman and mentor. He is often working 24-7, but he’s not complaining.
“This is what I love to do. This is my


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


                BY ARTHUR L. MACK

     In what is sure to create a buzz on the fashion scene, nationally-acclaimed rapper Rich Boy and master tailor Wilton Terry plan to join forces and move fashion forward in downtown Mobile.
     Not many details have been given regarding the project, which is scheduled to start in early 2012, but it is sure to turn the fashion industry on its ear.

     A building in downtown Mobile is currently being renovated in order to produce the clothing line, which means that ultimately, jobs will be created. That alone will generate some excitement, said Terry, who is part of the Fashion Forward Group and owner of Master Tailors.

  Rich Boy and Wilton Terry discuss differnt fabrics while preparing to launch clothing line

     "The clothing line will not only be marketed, but produced and manufactured right here in Mobile," Terry said. "We will be able to teach individuals how to produce the product, as well as work with busnesses to get the product out worldwide."    

      Rich Boy, whose last hit single Throw Some D's On It, made platinum, is really excited about the project: "I'm really passionate about it," he said. "It will generate a lot more interest in downtown Mobile. It will be a chance to bring more retail to the area. With my extensive travels to major cities, I noticed they were plentiful with retail stores downtown, and that was someting that's lacking in Mobile."

      "It shows that we're not only dealing with entertainment, but also getting business people involved," said Terry. "It's exciting that Rich Boy is following up a platinum hit single with a clothing line. He has a following of more than a million listeners, and with the highest quality of goods based and advertised right here in Mobile, it will allow the city to be elevated to the next level."


LUCY said, "because men don't have as much style as us  and they go for comfort more than style."

KATE simply said,"men have no style."

Fashion forward was downtown Mobile randomly asking people why do women dress their men or significant others. We ran into many who had some interesting comments such as: Cindy who stated "that men do not know how to blend colors" and Blair stated "that women want their men to look how we want them to look" if you have a cmment on this topic please tweet us!


JOHN said, "She dresses me" MARY said I enjoy shopping in the mens clothing department"

Monday, May 16, 2011



Friday, May 13th was by no means unlucky for fans of fashion, as the annual Artwalk took place in downtown Mobile.

Models styled the latest fashions. In the photo at left, a model shows off a grey evening ensemble with a vivid red feathered hat.

For those who think Mobile is strictly a place for industry and sports, May 13th's event made the city a more well-rounded place for various events--especially in the world of fashion.

Fashion Forward Group sees Artwalk as an opportunity to expand the fashion industry not only in Mobile, but along the Gulf Coast and the nation.

If you were unable to make it to Fashion's Night Out during Art Alive. well you missed a great show. Fashion Forward Group hosted a riveting jazz band that blasted there smooth delta sound down Dauphin. The combination of great music and fun people was one that fed the soul.

Inspired by the moment D. West and Ken decided they needed to do an impromptu photo shoot. Luckily we had a few items on loan from the BCB Generation collection, and a few models hanging out. In no time we had the models dressed and threw up the lights.

The combination of youthful fashion looks paired with gut wrenching jazz riffs brought a sizable crowd.  We all enjoyed both the visual and audible show that attacked our senses like an invading army.

If you were unable to attend be sure to come and see us next art walk. We will be posting shortly on all the fun and fashion that will be going on that night.